RAM usage extremely high


Well that’s quite huge… but still doesn’t really make sense when an empty world is 10 GB… I have had a few tests on a few different machines now and cannot replicate this. Have you reinstalled the game completely? Do you have any similar issues with any other games?

My work mac is on an identical machine, same OS version, can’t replicate.


Up till now never had an issue with RAM usage. When loading a big airport, with all bells and whistles (around 5000 PAX, 24 medium stands) my RAM usage is steady around 5GB. When I load a small airport with 16 GA stands and no PAX, still steady at 5GB. The main menu also shows 5GB. A new airport, again steady at 5GB.

Quit to desktop, start the game again then the main menu shows around 900MB RAM, starting a new game from that value results in around 2.2GB, quit to main menu gives a similar result, so the RAM stays at 2.2GB. From this quick test it looks like the game doesn’t ‘empty’ the RAM (don’t know if that’s possible) and keeps the former value.

System info:
MBPro 15"
macOS Mojave 10.14.3
16GB Ram
ACEO 30.1-2 on experimental


It will not empty the ram usage between game menu and main menu, no, if that’s what you mean. We keep a lot of data between scenes in order to lower loading times, and will do that at an even larger stretch for multiple floors (although there are fundamental changes there which will heavily reduce the overall RAM size and save loading time).


Is that my Westjet, Icelandair and FedEx I see? Also what’s with the two planes on top of each other on the top taxiway?


No, I use an All-In-One Pack by a guy called EG0611.


LOL, They are mine then. EG, Gusse and PDR amongst many others contributed to the ACEOMM packs. :slight_smile:


Yes, I reinstalled the game but still the same issue. This is the only game I use on my Mac.


Ah, nice! I really like them. In general, this game is soo addictive, been looking for such a game for years.


To give you some idea of the liveries contributed to it and by whom. Amazing community effort.


I will have to do some thinking… I can’t remember that I’ve seen any similar issues reported before. However with that many passengers I am actually surprised you’re getting 10 to 15 FPS… you should have been with us before Alpha 29… :stuck_out_tongue:

Then again, your WindowServer value is also highly inflated. It shouldn’t be able to eat up 4 GB like that. As Rubble said all values seem to be quite high, maybe you have some weird setting prioritizing dumping RAM load on a virtual memory (your SSD for example) rather than the physical RAM. While ich nicht sprachen sie guten deutch I can see that your system seems to use 2.25 GB of physical RAM and then around 19 GB on the virtual side which is… strange, and excessive.

From stackoverflow:

So What is Virtual Memory?

Your Mac comes with a limited amount of physical memory (RAM) installed by default. Memory is critical to any computer to run applications and carry out all the operations commanded by the user. Memory must be as fast as possible (and it helps to have as much as possible) to maximise your Mac’s performance; thankfully, prices have drastically fallen in recent years. Nevertheless, every computer has a finite amount of memory so Mac OS X might actually need to use more than is physically available on your system.

This is where virtual memory comes in – you can think of it as a kind of extension to the real memory on your system, albeit much slower because it is in fact physical space on your hard disk (or SSD, if you have one installed). Let’s say that you have 4 GB of main memory on your Mac and a 512 GB hard disk. If Mac OS X needs to use all 4 GB of main memory, it can still make use of any free space on your hard disk as an extension to that memory. Unfortunately, virtual memory is much slower than the physical RAM installed in your computer, because hard disks cannot match the speed of memory chips.


I am getting about 12gb VM and about 3gb RM


Maybe I have to reinstall MacOS. I’ve done a safe mode boot, I reinstalled ACEO, I closed all programms in the background, I checked my settings if anything is not optimized enough but i still have 10 - 12 GB RAM load when the game starts to load the world.


My guess is that there is some very basic form of graphical bug going on, i.e. that your virtual RAM is displayed as the physical RAM. In reality your physical RAM is probably at where everyone else is, i.e. around 3 GB. The 10 to 15 FPS you’re getting is as I mentioned expected with that many passengers and such a large airport.

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