Ramp Agent can't leave the remote stand

Service cars won’t pick up the ramp agent after drop off them to have the service round.
Is there any way to let the service car pick up the ramp agent back to the service car stops

Seems to happen when the other side of the stand is blocked by something else. In you case another stand/road.
I had a fence built there and got the same effect. Looks like a bug then.

What game version is this?

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Beta 1.1-2

In my case Beta 2 from last Friday. I might can reproduce it later.
But my head says that some objects built directly on the other side of a remote stand service road will cause those deadlocks for the ramp agents.


I’d be happy to take a look at it if it’s an issue that can be reproduced specifically on this save! :slight_smile:

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Ok, I have a one as well…That ramp agent is not leaving even after I’ve removed the area above the stand.
Even a reload didn’t helped this time…

Will be fixed in next update! :slight_smile:


Yes, seems she found a way now. :+1:
Let’s hope @jygeoffrey will be happy as well when Beta 2 drops to Default tomorrow.

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