Ramp agent make not there job


Hi !

I have a problem with the remote stand. The ramp agent are on the stand, but they don’t make the job.!
Can you help me ?


I’ve been having the same issue. I think it is a bug but I don’t know if the developers (@Olof) see it that way. I do notice that it happens more on small stands in my save with both types of remote stands, but it does indeed happen on both.


Ok thank you


Are you playing on the default or on the experimental branch?


I’m noticing it in the experimental branch.


I think I have the issue pinpointed now, got several good reports on it. I think it also affects the default branch but not sure.


Found an issue here that most likely was causing a heap of different stranded and stalled ramp agents. Am pretty sure it’s related to most of the common ramp agent stall reasons. Will be pushed in Alpha 30.1-1 soon.

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