Random Airport CEO pictures


Feel free to share random Airport CEO screenshots.

Let me start with these 2:


Ahhh… THAT’s how you envisioned the snack corners… Great idea. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


New parking :smiley:



Busy? How do you mean?


Grass parking Jasper :open_mouth: you need some concrete or asphalt :smiley:


Ofcourse Jettuh doesn’t make giant airports. He’s a man of culture who creates visually appealing airports.


Well hold on a second! :wink:

but in general, yes i like smaller airports :smiley:


I like trying to break my game with 15 gates, but I need to go bigger now that the performance is much better.



This. This is why I do not have the title Art Creator…

I am striving for Power Rangers International Airport…and my airlines hate me so much right now, I can’t even begin to imagine contracts for anything more than trash cans… soon enough though…

Jettuh, that’s really awesome. Did you happen to notice your ramp agent and airport staff would rather be having a a good chat in the diner than getting people onto airplanes?

Can we get a “passenger only” zones to keep airport staff from helping themselves to the comforts meant for paying passengers/customers… unless of course they are on break and paid… nevermind…



Jasper, Is that a Roman Bath?


Blockquote Grass parking Jasper :open_mouth: you need some concrete or asphalt :smiley:

You’re one to talk Jettuh. You know they have these fairly newish things in construction called carpet or tile, right?

Blockquote image

You should work on angular features in construction.

Blockquote image


The airport is still under construction! :smiley:



Since the other lot does not exist anymore :wink:


How do you use asphalt or concrete parking lot? I can only found grass, should I change to experimental branch for it?


Find the “concrete tile” object in “build” menu.


No you just use the concerte tile in the building menu to paint the area under them


Check-in started.

Baggage pick-up XL.

Moved a wing closer to security.


Wing 2a


The maze :slight_smile:



I got a headache from looking at this :joy: