Random Airport CEO pictures


Just a small commuter airport. No loans, therefor the slow progress. the main tarmac will be in asphalt and i plan n more GA at the top left.

Terminal Layout

A closer look at departure hall end staff room


When the building guys, didn’t get the memo - blueprinting a gate :wink:

You know that one shop where everybody gets his morning coffee? My airport has one!

Wing 4a and 4b

When a toilet rush breaks out.


looks awesome… I cant make small airports lol I start off small then go big and bigger lol


totally deserving of a response Jasper.

Two things:

  • man… I wonder what this does to the janitor work Q…
  • I posted recently about the problem of one bathroom in an airport and how people will do strange thigns when they gotta drop a deuce (american term for pooping)… this should fully include stampeding over eachother (which I sort of cringe at what occurs when they’re stepping over/on people

How many stars is it? Tell me these people are at least mass moving to quality coffee…


Just because someone complains about being the only one who works, this doesn’t mean it isn’t true…

granted, the other workers are going elsewhere, but this one guy is hell bent on finishing this project with or without help…