Real Airline Creations - Screenshot Megathread


Nice! We can add a bool to the modding system wether the livery has windows or not (and should light up during night).

Can’t wait to add cargo! :smiley:


But currently none of passenger aircrafts have cargo version IRL. However if you guys add support of… :heart_eyes:


There are 9 gates with 3 gates in the middle only for EasyJet flights


Hey that would be terrific Olof!, and of course, the winglets :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll second that. :grin:


A Freebird A320 on a trans-ocianic flight lands at Wellington International for a promotional tour. @BBoyJD10


A Icelandair 757 and Star Alliance 757 land (a little out of the way) at Wellington. @Fredrik Seems the winglets are not showing in game. Strike that. I never download the new Aircraft JSON file. Do’h! Updated pics too.

757 is here, yeah!

I love it how do i get freebird in game?


It needs finishing and has got held up by Fiji which I’m still working on. Fredrick has changed the 737 model for me so I’m back working on that. Will be next in line for MM. The 757 just kinda jumped the queue as its new.


Virgin Australia Regional has now been released to MM. Apart from being on an A320 Vs the 737-800 is the only change so no photos as it will just look the same, just different body.


Interesting B757 is in gome now I’ll make some livery :slight_smile:
Today I have some airline livery to presents from THAI, Thai Smile, NOK and Bangkok Air. Hope fully they may look very nice when them get the door animation :).




Nok Air B737 Pink

What do you think guys Hope you enjoy!
feel free to left comments :slight_smile:


A bevy of liveries from left to right, Ocianic, La Compagnie, FedEx, Freebird and Icelandair.

They will be heading your way @EG0611 (No Ocianic, but if anyone wants just let me know). Icelandair has been revised a little. As long as you don’t run FedEx (I only see the arrow now) at night, @Olof where’s that toggle? it works just fine with hauling PAX around instead of freight.

Freebird (queue jumped, but given it was mostly done, why not…) and La Compagnie released with this round too to MM. I’m ALMOST up to date :grinning:. Just that Fiji livery to catch up on :persevere:. I’ve another 757 livery I’m working on too but that’s a new design :smiley:. I’ll be then starting to hunt for some more liveries.

How about getting Singapore Airlines fleet in game @Fredrik? Yes of course I want flights that land at Wellington. :laughing:


where can I download your work


@Rubble where can I download your work


Apart from the fictional ones they are go to Mod Manager. If you don’t use that or would like the non mm ones just pm me.


You are ending up in aceomm?


Not automatically. Only if you want your stuff to be included :slight_smile:


Yes, the actual liveries I submit to EG for inclusion into ACEOMM.


Nice nok air you made there! also did some of the nok air liveries but didnt do this one


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you something new today. Although since the game was released and in real life they have gone bye bye as a airline, it’s still in ACEOMM database and to me it has something of worth due to my nerdyness (spelling?) so to me it’s also an in-joke.

Red and Magenta versions released to MM now.

VIM, now if only they can find a way out… :rofl: