Real Airline Creations - Screenshot Megathread


Beautiful :heart_eyes:

Although since the game was released and in real life they have gone bye bye as a airline, it’s still in ACEOMM database

In order of clarification: Any ceasing operation of airlines AFTER the date of AirportCEO was released (24 September 2017) are not considered in ACEOMM.


FedEx now flying into Wellington.


it still has the lights at night right? or did you find a way to prevent that from happening?


Alas it still has the lights at night, so I only fly it during the day. Fredrik is aware that cargo liveries have been made and mentioned adding a toggle for Cargo planes.


The often rumoured and frequently talked about, but rarely seen Virgin Samoa flight eventually touches down at Wellington for the first time. Woot. :grinning: Virgin in the Oceanic region is complete for now. :sunglasses:


Finally got around to making Hekla Aurora from Icelandair.

Development from 0 to Major Airport

Updated SkyWest liveries for Delta Connection, United Express, and American Eagle CRJ 700’s:

UPDATED: American: It is so hard to get that grey. Going through pictures it seems that in one light it looks darker & then in a different light it looks lighter grey. Let me know if the livery below is better or worse.


hey @phil225, how could I download your avianca family liveries, they look amazing. thanks man


Well well well, what do we have here. A couple of Boeing 757-200ER’s at Wellington International airport alongside there smaller sister, an Air NZ 737-600 with a newly minted Singapore Airlines design too.

This is an in-game shot too. Take notice of just HOW much space they need. These things are massive, just like in real life. The middle stand is also spaced to allow for a 777-200 as well and provide clearance. The 300 variant is even larger…

This is purely for MY experimental fun.

Large planes and/or large stands

Well, its has taken me quite some time, and I will never be able to get it spot on due to one reason of another. So it’s in the spirit of Fiji Airways.