Real Airline Creations - Screenshot Megathread


My first attempt at an Alaska Airlines livery- note the text has been fixed


Wow! That is fantastic!


If I could give you 100 likes for that picture I would :rofl: - You just made my day…


You get my emails too?


Yup, just now, and replied, thanks :smile:


Hey guys!
I’ve registered in the forum to share with you my creations. Here follows some brazilian airlines repaints.

Pantanal Linhas Aereas ATR42


Sete Linhas Aereas C208 for airline or GA


Azul Linhas Aereas ATR72 and A320

(sorry, as a new user I can only upload 1 image per post, as well I can post only 3 times per thread. ASAP I will post more.)


Alaska Air Group planes completed so far


I do not understand were to put mij png with the livery.
I cant find the livery folder of the current airlines either. can someone tell me where to put it
yes i did read the modding file but still dont know :frowning:


New and improved Qantas that alas broke the game. It needs changing, but the artwork asserts are at least up to snuff this time…

She need’s changing which will alter the accuracy but an improvement over the old version. @daniel It seem’s ACEO only has the 800 in game that Qantas use. I’ll share this, but for my own games, I’ll implement non-fleet version too.

Yes that flag is the wrong way round, it’s like that on the actual planes too. I had to do a double take as well.




Azul A320


Looks fantastic!! And yeah I’ve always wondered why they have the mirror image flags, that’s a little bit odd to say the least.

I’m sure A330s or Q400s won’t be far behind though to create more realistic fleets :wink:


These designs are AWESOME and they should be added to ACEO Mod Manager to be able to be played thousands of players.

Send files to me or to @pderuiter so that we can arrange them and add them to game.


Wow this stuff is amazing the air nz hobbit livery is great so awesome. Great to have modding support in this game so early.


wow thats cool


I don’t mind a non accurate fleet while we don’t have all of the planes available. As more aircraft come on-line I will retire the non-accurate one though. But for now, the more the merrier. I’ve done Sounds Air, it’s not on the spreadsheet but is a real NZ carrier.

Updated the Qantas 800 too. The logos on the engines are now more or less correct… I’ve started with the old livery. I’ll be adding some of the new livery over the next few days as well as some other small NZ airlines.


I added Sounds Air.


Hi guys! Here follows more one Azul’s AT72

Anyone knows how can I add multiple liveries in the game? Should I need to change something on the .JSON file?