Real Airline Creations - Screenshot Megathread


Just number the folders @Fredrik said. EG ATR72_1, ATR72_2 etc. I can also confirm this does work with 24.1 :slight_smile:


Oh, thank you!


WestJet 737-800 and 737-600


More one Azul livery!

Missing only one livery to complete de Azul fleet on the game so far.


Aaaand here go!

Next airlines: MAP and Passaredo.


gimme gimme gimme gimme so I can add them to ACEOMM :smiley:




Drools all over keyboard… :heart_eyes:


Australien Edition


@Arwi03 @Rubble was already doing Qantas. Maybe you should contact with them so your work won’t conflict.


Although I just noticed that your both designs is missing something important: “Spirit of Australia”



Some have it on, some don’t. I will have a mix of those that do and don’t.


@EG0611 @Rubble When I found this thread I just uploaded the liveries I did originally for myself. I never wanted to conflict with other designs :wink:


No worries. BTW we are still looking for talented designers so you can check Mod Manager topics:


Does everyone here live in Oceania or something? :joy:


I would love to see some Regional airline( not as in regional carriers but Like a North America, European) Mod packs so you get a nice blend of real airlines. Is that something doable as the game is currently constructed or do would they need to be installed individually?


On ACEOMM you can select which airlines to be included to game by region, size or even alphabetical order.


The flags are the way they are because if they were to be on a flagpole as the plane was flying they would look like that.


Long time reader here, but as I was going through these airline mods I wanted to try it for myself. However, after attempting it, I need a little direction. Below are my questions:

  1. The ACEO Mod Manager looks like a collection of everyone’s mods, I can’t seem to download any of the files from that google drive so that I can put those files into my ACEO’s steam folder. Is anyone else having this issue or is it intended as just a collection until Steam Workshop is enabled?

  2. I can’t even open the program that pderuiter made. I’ve tried about everything… running the program as administrator, converting the file, re-downloading it, turning off my firewall. If I am missing something, I’d appreciate a little help. I guess If I can’t get it I can always wait until Steam Workshop is enabled.



I was able to extract the files with WinZip and plug them into the game. I can sign contracts with the new companies; however, I don’t get their livery’s to show up on the planes.


Currently liveries are being collected and we are waiting some WIP liveries from community artists. @pderuiter will decide when ACEOMM will support custom liveries and unfortunalety he is on Christmas vacation.