Real Airline Creations - Screenshot Megathread


Thanks, I got that bit but I have Worked it out anyway by downloading a mod. Thanks for the help anyway.


@mitchellmiller32 I have already done both Sun County planes.


He could have a go anyway…the more liveries, the merrier! :grinning:


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Here comes WestJet 600’s and 800’s. Just doing in game testing then on their way to you @EG0611.


Two liveries for Allegiant Air A320’s have been sent in!


what do you use for the livery because you make it all yourself what do you use for that?:joy:


It is indeed. See my photos below. My Qantas fleet currently has seven separate tail numbers over three designs. This will soon grow to over a dozen too when I’ve made the current livery. My ANZ fleet also has several special liveries, see above, did I hear My Precious?

You number the folders as shown… Though I believe ACEOMM has support for multiple liveries pending @pderuiter with MM updates? the game does definitely.


Hey guys! Back after the new year break.
Here follows more one brazillian air taxi called ASTA. It have two liveries.

The logo:



AirportCEO Mod Manager would love to add these liveries @Phil225


Finally finished my tail no liveried 75th Anniversary Qantas. Alas, reasons, it will be unless things change as accurate as I’ll be able to get it. Time now to start on their current livery and complete a few others I’m working on.

@pderuiter and @EG0611. It’s ready and waiting when you’ve got multiple liveries up and running on MM. Let me know and I’ll send it over for inclusion.


Hey guys, how can I add my mods to this project?

Here follows the next models


Can anyone do the livery for an ATR72 of Binter Canarias?


Had a go at making one. Here is Jet2, a UK based low cost airline.


Ohh boy it is the second Christmas day for me :smiley: So many liveries!

@Rubble @Phil225 @scaramonga come to AirportCEO official discord so we can share livery files and communicate.



The hardest one yet (IMO). :smile:


Excellent work. That bare Allu. is always going to be a challenge. Caustics might aid it?

Personally I utilises a 3d package on some of the artwork as it’s the only way to get it looking accurate over the curves of the body.

Great work across all of you work too VF. Beautiful.

You’ve also run into the same problems I did on my QF 75th Ani livery. Glad I’m not the only to solve it the same way.


Impressive!! Was longing for someone to cover that livery! :smiley: