Real Airline Creations - Screenshot Megathread


An afternoon arrival from the Canary Islands! :grinning:


I would appreciate it so much if someone can make me some South African airlines… South African Airways, Mango airline, Kulula airline and SAfair…


Still going!


I’m not sure if anyone has done this yet (I’m a Mac user who can’t use ACEOMM) but here is a Qatar Airways A320 I made :smiley: Took me longer than it should’ve :joy:


You can always check the process of ACEOMM on this excel sheet. Qatar is not done yet.


Where do i find the airplane layouts(Clean) for like photoshop?


Etihad A320 :smile:


Alaska’s “Adventure of Disneyland Resort” 737


Newest Qantas livery now completed. Doing in-game testing and debugging now to make sure it’s all working, then @NZ_Simplicity and @EG0611 you’ve both got packages coming your way.


WIP… First run through the mill for PNG Air. It’s only a very small airline, but what a great livery. Testing now in game. Livery will now get refined before release to EG to go into MM.


Can’t wait to add these liveries to ACEOMM :smiley:


Soon… 7 holdings, 18 airlines and 38 liveries (with more than 10 special ones). :sunglasses:


Azores airline broken


I do like the KLM design. Good job!


Will check it tonight…


Hi. Say me pls, How can I upload my livery big size here? =(
and where to get the templates? clean livery



Clean files here

Documentation here


! thx !
And now there is no way to add your model aircraft? The fuselage and engines can be remade, but there are no wings …


you can’t edit the wings as of yet!



With special C/s
And more brazillian airlines.