Real Airline Creations - Screenshot Megathread



The latest one for today, and for brazillian division of Avianca.

Now, it’s time to work on “Gracias” special C/S, Costa Rica AVA/TACA hybrid livery and on ATR’s.


At first I didn’t really like it, but now it is one of my favorites… that tail looks so amazing IRL. Even in top down view it looks good.


It is not gray :stuck_out_tongue:


Avianca group fleet is complete!


Revamp of Jet2, and a mystery airline I was mucking about with :slight_smile:


Hi @EG0611 Jetstar is on its way. Just some in-game testing and will be flying your way very shorty.

They seem to have a couple of different styles on the writing it seems.


Beautiful :open_mouth:


A few of my latest liveries - @scaramonga, I don’t mind if you submit Jet2 as well - the more the merrier! :grinning:


I wasn’t happy with the silver of the Jetstar livery and had a report it was crashing the game. I’ve asked @EG0611 to look into to see if it crashed his game too. I’ve changed the JSON file that had a % sign and written percent instead. Let me know if it still crashes your game @NZ_Simplicity, new version sent over. If it all works EG I’ll send you the revised livery. I think this is a better render of silver, such a difficult colour, much like the alu VF had to tangle on AA. Still not 100% happy, ugh.


LOT liveries in preparation, I’m testing 736, 738 and CRJ 700 …
examples below …


Alaska A320 since the first Virgin America A320 has been repainted in Alaska’s livery yesterday.


A new, obviously prestigious airline has touched down! :grinning:


Jetstar Japan arrives at Wellington for a promotional visit. The livery caught me off guard as I thought it was the same as regular Jetstar. Alas, nope. The tail is quite a bit different :cry: and ended up having to regenerate those assets.

@EG0611 Just some testing and then its winging its way to you.

Additional, a teaser for the next livery…


A Jetstar and Jetstar Japan arrive side-by-side at Wellington Int.


Soon, in the VulcanFox Airlines Pack 0.2 release:smile:




Ahhhh yes please tell me that teaser is for Virgin Australia!! :wink:


As @daniel quite correctly guessed, Virgin Australia now landing at Wellington Int.

Believe it or not, the artwork on the tail leading into the body at the ‘N’ of Virgin, while it looks wrong, is actually correct. The artwork came out from a 3D rendered model I’ve made with the logo asserts being the genuine articles too.

@EG0611 departing for MM your way very soon.


It looks fantastic!! I’m going to have to go start another airport in the apac region again just because I can now have a full board of flights from real carriers :wink:


Thank you; and yes, having the real airlines is very sweet. As I’m doing Wellington Int. my flights are pretty accurate too given the fleets I’ve done and their destinations :hugs:


Yeah definitely, since Wellington gets a lot of narrowbody jets for trans-tasman as well as from the other major NZ ports!!