Real Airline Creations - Screenshot Megathread


In the future, we hope flights will be even more accurate. We had a plan that game will know what is an airline’s base country and how busy airports are. So more flights will come from big airports than small ones with more accurate flights status. (size of aircraft, frequency, requirements, stars etc…)

And then we will live the ultimate "airport tycoon and management simulator :wink: "


That would be the ultimate!! I mean you spent all that time putting the data into ACEOMM so it would be right shame if we didn’t use it in future :wink:


Well just not me, more than 15 people worked on these datas :wink: (but mostly me that’s what we can say :sunglasses: )


I hereby present Thomas Cook :slight_smile:


Airline Name : Sri Lankan Airlines

Country : Sri Lanka

Airline Image:


Airline Name : Air Arabia

Country : Sharjah, UAE

Airline Image:


Airline Name : Emirates

Country : Dubai, UAE

Airline Image:


Airline Name : Mihin Lanka

Country : Sri Lanka

Airline Image:


I went over this topic and really pruned the off-topic comments.



@EG0611 Finally managed to sort that darn ATR72 for Virgin Australia. Woot. Again, the tail was a real pain in the rear.

Sending the completed (for now, till new planes have been added) VA your way in about five minutes. Will have a GT40 inspired GA for you too later.


Awesome :wink:


Big thanks to everyone for their hard and amazing work. It is really improving the realism of everyone’s airports who uses the mods. Keep expanding our fleets!


I’m not often post here but i made a livery for Conviasa from Venezuela… so far actually only for B373600 maybe ATR following…
Need to test it… and then? how i can upload it for the community?

Edit: i had time to did all the planes the have or had in the past


If you want this to become part of ACEOMM, contact @EG0611 outside this topic. He’s our de facto ACEOMM data manager :slight_smile:

Otherwise, make the folder available as zip somewhere. Dropbox?


ok thanks, i will contact him…
but before it will be maybe implemented here is the zipfile for the whole Airline on my onedriveshare:!AnJ6e9c-a76fp5YS02dbKMaSky7Qig

here are the ingame planes :wink:



I replied to you :slight_smile:


Yes my airline of choice!!


Hope this works, it’s my 1st time. It’s a 737-800 Southwest Concept livery. Can someone try this out and give me some feedback? I don’t have access to ACEO at the time. Thanks, Amego.


DHL Cargo.

I removed most of the windows, but they all still light up at night regardless, despite them not being there? Must be hard-coded into game I think?

Still, it’s an effort :wink: