Real life airports rebuild in ACEO


My first airport I tried to rebuild in ACEO was Split Kaštela Airport This is how it turned out:

If you have rebuild real life airports in ACEO, show us what you have!


Looks sweet. Does airplane do 180 turn on taxiway or it folows path at the end of runway?


It does 180 turn at the end of runway, but only at runway not my tarmac turn around pad, suprisingly it all works just fine, no bugs at all.


I have a crazy idea. I will notify if it works.


Love the idea of rebuilding real-life airports in ACEO! :smiley: Good initiative and hope to see many nice replica’s in this topic! :wink:


As soon as I saw this topic, I thought CHALLENGE ON!!!

But knowing me, it will look nothing like the real thing…


Tried London City Airport …


Lol, very nice!

Developers: Sorry we don’t support 45 degree taxiways.
Players: Yes you do.


The one and only missing thing is just asphalt tarmac, then its perfect.:wink:


love the idea! will try some :smiley:




Very nice! :smiley: Love the creativity of the community!


Am I the only one building here ? Anyway here is Gibraltar…


Now THAT is an awesome use of a floor tile to create the illusion of water. Well done.


Well, I present to you Bratislava M. R. Štefánik Airport. This time I used the “all tiles unlocked” trick and mady this airport which really looks like the real one but it doesnt fit into one photo… If you are interested in using it for testing or playing with it, PM me and I will send it to you by e-mail.


These are looking very nice!!


After the concrete runway update, I thought “Hey I know what needs an update !” So, this is Split 2.0.


Oh, boy. It has been a long time. Game got some updates as did the real Split Airport with their new terminal.


I can relate to that😂


From time to time I keep revisiting this old non-active thread, since the game is getting so much great updates I always have to update my old remakes. So, here I present Bratislava M. R. Štefánik Airport V2.0 !

PS: Devs, I need a bigger zoom out. :wink: