Real life airports rebuild in ACEO




+1 to this.


Now that Im on the topic of small additions, one thing I really need when doing this is an asphalt tile. Exactly like the concrete one, but with asphalt. Im suprised we dont already have it, it shouldnt be too complicated to add.


Oh, boy here it comes… London City Airport V2.0! Now with real life airlines like Cityjet and FlyBe, thanks ACEOMM.

Again that larger zoom out, since we can unlock all map tiles, I think we need it. :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:


You could also delete the foundation wall?


Yes, you can. You can have a foundation without wall.


Hmm, do it spot Zagreb Franjo Tuđman Airport ?


Wow, very nice airports! :smiley: Will see what we can do about the zooming levels.


Brač Bol Airport, very small, lost some realism to make it work, but turned out fine. One and only thing I would like to see added (besides larger zoom out) is an asphalt tile, just like the concrete one. You know, for some details and realism. It shouldnt be too hard to implement.


How did you get the different colour cunway?


It can only be done with asphalt runway. Firtst you build the grass one, then upgrade to asphalt, then you pick a concrete tile (in infrastructure) and just plane it over the runway. Make sure the the runway is build and upgraded to asphalt.


Hello! I’d love to play with it, could you share? I can’t find how to send a DM, sorry.


Devs should be able to recognize this one… Its Malmo Airport. I will be honest here, I had to leave out quite a bit, but it still looks fine.


Very cool indeed! :smiley: Yes, we recognize it very much, would be awesome if you can share the save :slight_smile:


Of course, do you have any e-mail adress you want me to use for sending ?


There you go, file sent.


I have been talking about adding an asphalt tile to the game for a long time now. I really needed it for my remakes and look what I found on Jira. Thank you Devs, really thank you. This shows how you care about us. Its great to see you listen. :heart_eyes:


It was about time, huh? Soon you’ll be able to try it out… :wink:


Olof is growing into a Pro Dev, no longer; “monday” or “next cycle”, but Soon™

Voting open and where?

Lol. Oh man. This is me everyday trying to keep my patience for the highly anticipated update: