Real rules around and in the airport

Feature request title:

In real life there is a lot of rules aircrafts and ATC have to respect, like holding circuit, go around, taxi path etc.


Let’s start the description in a chronological order from an aircraft awaiting at the gate for departure.

1. ATC simulation

ATC give a path to aircrafts and they will respect that order (delay simulation should be reviewed, and/or the passage of time should be more slower). Aircraft should wait one after the other, and respect the taxi rules which is priority to the aircraft coming from your left (that’s why the left nav light is red, and the other is green), and the other priority rules. So implementation of a hit box is almost inevitable, planes must never touch each other. On further reasoning small taxiways shouldn’t be able to accept heavy and wide aircrafts, so players should think more carefully the airport design.

2. Taxi

In order to do that the sim should create the identification names of the airport parts in order to create path for traffic, and it should dynamically update is when we modify the airport. If you don’t know what I am talking about, exemple is in the Illustration 1. Of course theses identifications are marked on the airports structures, taxiways, gates etc. In addition to this the game could generate a simplified map of the airport, which would give an overview to the player and facilitate developments or improvement.

3. Take off and landing

Take off and landing according to the winds: I think this item was implemented before, but cancelled because some players didn’t understand why planes does not always land and take off from the same direction. If you’re not familiar with the rules of aviation, this may seem like a bug to you, I admit. Unfortunately, I haven’t played with this feature, but maybe you could add an option to activate it, depending on the player’s preferences? If you go along with this, players should be able to place runways (as well as gates, buildings) in more angles than the two possible now, but that subject is already discuss and requested.

4. Holding patterns

Holding circuits: ATC should be able to send incoming aircraft on a holding pattern in case of a delay ( it’s basically the planes fly in a circle not far from the airport). Or we could build airplane stands assigned to this kind of situation, so that an airplane can land even if the authorized gate is not clear. This can have a negative impact on airport satisfaction and on passengers who have to change boarding gates. Of course, you will need to provide additional vehicles and staff for this situation, which adds a cost to the airport’s expenses, making management even more complex.

5. Airport environment

In a more global way, it will be super fun to have environmental diversity on the map, like mountains, rivers, coastlines that can force the player to think different the placement of runways. That combined with the prevailing winds that influence the optimal placement of the runways under penalty of increased incidents and go around would be awesome, but I maybe going a little too far.

6. Conclusion

Don’t take these comments as a bad review of the game, I love this game. I’d play it every day if I could, but my wife wouldn’t be too happy about it, and so would my professional life. I know that some of my ideas may be going too far, that the game is still in alpha, and that developers have other things to worry about. I’m looking forward to future updates and the final version. There are so many possibilities with the game, so many ideas to implement, my post is just a small part of the ideas I have, so I can’t imagine the whole community! I’m wholeheartedly with you for the development, the final version and the many updates and DLC (everyone has to make a living) that will enrich the game. I stop there because I could write dozens of pages. Good day CEOs!

Why it should be implemented:

It will be very interesting and will add more depth to the game than it already has. Realism around the airport will be reinforced, and the immersion will be all the greater. New players will be able to start with the tutorial and go deeper and deeper afterwards. Some features should be optional in order to let the player choose the difficulty.
Thank you very much.

Images, references or additional content:

Illustration 1: identification names of airport facilities.

i like this idea