Real World Aviation Photo Contest voting


Welcome to the voting stage of the Real World Aviation Contest!

Photo 1- @et_han
Description- A Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-941 descends into Singapore Changi Airport amidst the beautiful sky

Photo 2-@glugeck

Description- A380 Singapur Airlines at Zurich Airport.

Photo 3- @zulu354
Description- The Flying Bulls Aerobatic team shot at the airport festival in Zwickau (ICAO: EDBI) in a fascinating event with their XtremeAir XA42 in 2016.

Photo 4-@Henry747
Description- This is an unedited photo one of my passengers took flying in Queensland.

Photo 5- @Rubble

Description- the beautiful Milford Sound with Mitre Peak for company and its sweet little airport.


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When should I host this contest next?

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Voting will remain open for 1 week, so get your votes in!


Really nice photos to see here. Pretty hard decission. :+1:t2:


Woa. Cool photos! Two Singapore Airliners mustn’t be a coincidence :stuck_out_tongue: Hard decisions indeed, Zulu!


In the spirit of honest competition I’m going to say no voting for you own photo.