Real World Aviation Photo Contest!


Welcome to the first ever Real World Avition Photo Contest!

I will host this contest every 3 months.

Participants can enter their photos and the community will vote on their favorite.


  • One photo per participant
  • Photos can be of anything related to aviation
  • All Participants must own their photos
  • All entries must be sent in a PM to me
  • Entries must include the photo, your username and, a short description of your photo
  • There will be a one week entry period and a one week voting period

The winner will receive the grand prize of drumroll please … a vitural cookie :cookie:!

Good luck to all Participants, and let the contest begin!


Please note that photos are not limited to spotting


The first entry has been submitted!


Can we edit the photos?


Go ahead! Please make sure that the photo that you are editing was taken in the real world


I will probably submit my User icon. Not quite decided yet.


Quit new as a writing member here, I wonder how I can send you a photo for the contest…I don’t find any PM button… :thinking:


Click on the users icon image. You will find there. Welcome to the forums and game too.


Thanks for the welcome. To the game I am not too new…play it since Alpha release on Steam, but found my way to this forum only a few time and just for reading. ^^

To be honest, it only gives me the tabs:

  • Member
  • New User of the Month
  • Thank you
  • +10 more


Ah, I’ve just looked. You’ve ONLY just joined. You won’t be able to PM for a 24 hours till after joining. You will also be limited in the number of posts you will be able to as well in that time. Don’t waste one on me replying here.

Give a like instead :slight_smile:


We have 3 entries so far! 4 days till voting


1 day till voting, get your entries in folks!