Realistic Flight Destinations and Routes [implemented]

Update from Apoapsis Studios

This feature request has now been implemented!

While this feature is now completed, future improvements and functionality may still be added over time.

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Feature request title:

Realistic Flight Destinations and Routes


More realistic flight routes in game by flight distance, destination airport specifications,modded airlines’ base countries and passenger rate between 2 airports. So back in days, ACEOMM (AirportCEO Mod Manager) team created an excel file with average annual PAX datas of all 14 thousands airports in game files. The purpose was that to implement realistic routes such as not creating 737 or A320 flights from rural area municipal airport but while not create Cessna 208 flight from intercontinental airport. The further purpose of that Excel sheet was using it with ACEOMM and a nation’s airlines flight moslty from that nation’s airports like Aeroflot from Russian airports instead of USA.

Why it should be implemented:

Increase realism

Images, references or additional content:

ACEOMM team prepared an excel file back in days and I suppose it was lent to developers


I agree, realistic routes are valuable as a foundation for more complex simulations like international, connecting flights etc.


I totally agree :+1:t3: I really really would love to see that. :heart_eyes: Realistic flight routes with the right kind of aircraft would be amazing and would bring so much more depth into the game. I could also imagine that they start to say some airlines have a base at this country and operate just from there …


This is a huge (and doesn’t seem onerous) improvement. I think this should be the next thing implemented. All fine and dandy building a big airport but if you are airport is full of flights to small villages and Air Force Bases, it loses a lot of the fun.


Yeah absolutely, this needs to come earlier rather than later - otherwise it doesn’t seem logical to implement all these other things. Cargo is another one.


I totally agree.


That’s my favorite Feature-Voting feature.
It should be possible to add hubs for hub-airlines (e.g. Lufthansa: FRA,MUC; British Airways: LHR, LGW, LCY) and countries for Airlines without hubs (e.g. Ryanair: a lot of european countries). All airline-mods will increase their value.

Please implement this feature!

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Great to see this rallying. So much else within the game relies upon accurate routes and destinations. Currently I do it manually, but would be so much better if it was actual.

Soooo much of what everyone else is voting on is really dependent upon this one major feature.

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To be honest tho in 70hours in game I have never checked the destination of a flight.


I would also love to see realistic destinations. In my opinion it makes no sense if you have only flights to small airfields somewhere in the world. For example: My airport location is always Hamburg. Sometimes i get flights to places somewhere in Iraq or Ukraine. But no flights to Paris, London or Frankfurt/Main which are some of the main Hubs in Europe. Maybe it should be also a bit population related where the flights will go.

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100% yes but I just hope that its not to hard to make


I agree that this is something that needs to be worked on. It’s a minor feature but makes a large difference in terms of realism. Funnily enough, I found that airplanes that use small stands and GA aircraft often have more “commercial” routes than the medium sized counterparts. There was an excel file with all the airport information a while ago, not sure what happened afterwards.

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