Recently Started Getting Dangerous Baggage Messages - Help!

I have not expanded airport in over 5 game days and made no baggage scanning changes yet am now getting Dangerous Baggage Messages the past two days.
I use the common baggage scanning pattern of Level 1 suspects go through all 5 Level 2 scanners and the suspects from Level 2 all go to Level 3 scanners (actually two in a row).

Staff manning the Level 3 scanners are both very skilled as shown

Please advise if a better configuration is recommended or is this a newly introduced bug?

Hmmm, this looks like a good setup to catch the bags. Has the game updated for you while you have been playing or is this one a continuous sitting?

Good catch… it seems to have started after 1.0-11 as both incidents were after it was updated from 1.0-10

It might be because the employees are not working to their full productivity. I experienced this too, tired staff are getting called up to work even though I have staff that are fully rested and fully productive.

Interesting … never paid attention to the third graphic from the left on the bottom of the employee information screen. Not sure how to read the green, blue, and white sections to see if I have a problem.
Also how do you improve employee productivity other than the R&D Staff Productivity project (currently I have 3 Admins assigned and a value of 26% increase)?

The green and blue is their productivity. The green is their base productivity and the blue is how much it is boosted by the staff productivity boost. You basically want that full at all times to ensure the employees are working to their full capacity. Shorter shifts may help this problem.

Modified shifts reducing “Operate conveyor scanner” to only 2 hours (from 6 hours).

Staff now look much more productive as evidenced by the Green/Blue bar extending almost to the end.

Still getting these incidents about once every other day.
Perhaps I now must place another Tier 3 after the non-suspected path from the first Tier 3?
Created bug ACEO-43003

Actually, I would modify the layout a little.

In my setup-- If the bag passes the tier 3 check after failing tier 1 or 2, I send the bag right back to tier 1 for full evaluation again.

I thihk you have it set to go through another tier 3 right?

Anyway- I was having that same baggage error, and someone suggested that to me, and it seems to have resolved it.

Heres my setup if you want to look

@docnzok , don’t you get bags that go in an indefinate loop because they keep failing tier 1 and 2, passing 3 and back again.?

What game version is this happening on OP?

Olof: [quote=“JustJoe, post:3, topic:19126”]
it seems to have started after 1.0-11 as both incidents were after it was updated from 1.0-10

Note: Created ACEO-43003 Bug Report for this as well.

Thanks for the idea; however, I’d expect that looping back to Tier 1 would significantly impact baggage processing time and potentially create delays.
I actually did not like introducing a second Tier 3 after the suspected path of the first Tier 3.
Also don’t want to introduce another Tier 3 after the accepted path of the first Tier 3.

I dont get the loops…
I THINK this is the reason.

If the bag fails 1 2 or 3 - then it will drop out of the loop. Either to tier 1, 2 or the baggage destroyer.

The only thing I am doing is putting the bag in for a second check only if it passes tier 3.

And again, the only way it gets to tier 3 is if it fails 1 AND 2

So what I am saying is that if the bag fails 1 it goes to 2 If it fails 2 it goes to 33 if it fails 3 it gets destroyed.
BUT if it fails 1 2 and passes 3 then I just give it a second look to make sure.

I do not have loop issues at all.

Like I said I am no expert and although I have played the game a long time and build big airports, I only have gained experience from doing it and what I find in the forums.

Let talk more if you want

I’m getting it as well. Baggage set-ups aren’t the thing, something has changed. I also have found my baggage claims don’t get claimed and the people continue to grow. They also now get totally stalled in the shops near the baggage claim.

Train them in the staff management screen.

Already fully trained (see screenshot).

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