Refueling Time for A380 Too Long

Hey all,

Love this game so much and really enjoying it! I’m having a problem with turning around my A380’s, it seems that no matter how close I put the fuel depot and how many fuel trucks I have, they always pushback late because the refueling takes so long. Is there any chance that either the speed of the fuel coming out of the trucks can be increased or the fuel requirement of the A380’s can be decreased? On a good day they push back an hour late, on a bad day up to 7. Thanks!

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Here’s a screenshot of the flight monitor. The plane at gate E5 is an A380.

Just a question - do you know that various fuel trucks have different tank capacity and fueling speed? Did you R&D Maverick trucks?

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Yes, I am using the Maverick trailer truck

That’s odd, I’ve never had a large aircraft push back late due to fuel (every other reason though). How far is the fuel truck parking from the stand?

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This issue has been submitted as a feature request for subterranean fuel lines and fuel pumping trucks instead of fuel trucks. The devs have been somewhat quiet on the boards lately, but I suspect they’re working on something close as this has a direct affect on the terminal functionality when aircraft are late because of fuel trucks being too small.

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I have had it happen often enough where it’s waiting for the second fuel truck to show up. The quickest approach may be having the large aircraft trigger a request for two fuel truck tasks instead of one, that way, they’ll line up at the aircraft while waiting.

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We really do need a fuel truck to pump fuel from an underground line. Yes when I was playing the game was still very glitchy with all the vehicles. Sometimes the second fuel truck would never come, and other times there would be two, three, four Maverick trailer trucks because they all had like 20% fuel.

This should be a feature that we research so that we can unlock “Large fueling infrastructure,” where we unlock these special fast fuel trucks, and maybe more. It is very broad, probably expressed many times and quite repetitive but I really just want to get that point out. :sweat_smile: :wink: :grinning:

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Also noticed this issue with my airport.

I did some measurements of the amount of fuel being transferred to the A380 and got 103,250L one time and 112,500L the second. For reference, the Maverick truck holds 40,000L and takes about 1hr 20min to transfer the entire 40,000L load, and my measurements for a 777-300 was 41,250L and 747 31,250L.

If everything goes smoothly, you get 3 fully loaded Maverick fuel trucks and there is always one waiting on the stand to take over, you can just about finish refueling in the allocated turnaround time (5 hrs). If a truck shows up less than full, or one of the smaller trucks get assigned, you’ll probably need 4 or more trucks and the overhead of changing trucks means that the total refuel time will exceed the allocated turnaround time.

sometimes get the same issue. truck runs out of fuel so it slows down and delays the aircraft. best fix is to get extra fuel trucks as they do line up if you have enough. another fix is having your fuel depot near the large aircrafts.

This issue gets mentioned very very often. I think the devs are aware of it but it does not have a huge priority. (May they have something else coming regarding fuel?)

At the moment just make sure enough large trucks are available if you serve A380 or B747. Then a on time departure is possible.

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This is indeed something we’ll look at the final steps of beta balancing before a full release! :slight_smile:


This has been discussed repeatedly actually. Underground fuel systems have already been formally suggested. Other options included adding a check that if a fuel truck does not have the amount of fuel required, it would top off its tanks before dispatching.

I suspect after the alpha 35 release, there will be a solid amount of rebalancing after as they transition to the beta testing process for the next release or one release later. That’s my prediction at least. If you just picked up the game, you were not able to see what the game looked like a few years back compared to now. They’ve built an amazing product from the ground up.

and I just confirmed my prediction as the post revealed @Olof sharing the same. Damn fine job @Olaf and the team.

Are the fuel volumes required/stored/dispensed based on a scale of reality or actual reality? I also ponder what the polishing looks like for a complete fuel servicing operation… so the Googleinator shows

Why not add the first, larger vehicle into the game at an expedited pace?

The first one is pretty much what is already in game. 10,000 gallons are a bit less than 38,000 litres.
Here I have made some calculations:

The size matches reality pretty well, only the fueling speed is way too slow.
However even though the current 40.000 L truck is a common size, I’d love to have the large 80.000 L trucks too.