Refueling while boarding passengers


Hello all, I suggest a vital (and also simple) update.

I have noted that medium aircraft needs to be fully refueled before starting the boarding process. Well, this is very odd in real life as passengers can board while refueling operations take place in that aircraft. Flight and cabin crew, as well as ground handling staff are trained to deal with this sensitive operation and it is a common practice.

Can we have this option in Airport CEO? Thank you!


also happens to large aircraft as well


Yes. I have mentioned medium aircraft as the large ones are not present in the game yet.


Usually they do ask everyone in this case to not put on their seat belt yet as a safety measure!


I think current system is how it supppose to be for the safety. In fact, refueling shouldn’t even be started while deboarding is in progress.


This is probably different in different countries. I know for a fact that in sweden, for example Åre Östersund, ESNZ. where I have been flying to and from with, brathens, linjeflyg, BRA, skyways and SAS. all above had 30 mins turnaround as standard and refueling started while passengers deboarded. At Arlanda there have been refueling occurring while boarding the plane.


Hi, im Jara, im one Colombian player of this great game, english is not my native languaje, but i will try to share my opinión about this, i work as a Cabin crew member in real life, and is not common that process, but some times or some airlines do it to save time, but due to aviation regulations during the process must be clear all the zones next to the airplane doors and energency exits, and is required a firefighters truck during all the process, it could ve great if they add firefighters and the refuel process during the boarding


Seems quite common in Europe - especially on quick turn around flights (ie: low cost like EasyJet, Ryanair, Wizz etc). I’ve been on a lot of flights where they have been refuelling during boarding - agree with the comment above that they ask you not to put your seatbelt on until refuelling is finished. Never seen a fire truck nearby though…


Instructions from Airbus say it can be done with JetA fuel if there are enough safety measures, but never with JetB fuel


That’s right! In Europe is common, regulations allow it. There is no need for a fire truck to be present, only to be available if needed (no active emergencies on the aerodrome). But this varies on regulations and so, on the part of the world.

Hope to see it implemented on the game soon!


A few days ago I watched a TV documentary from 2018 called “Check-in Düsseldorf Airport” about an airport in the german city of Düsseldorf. There, a staff lady was watching a large TUIfly plane being refueled, saying:

As long as the fuel truck is at the plane, boarding is not allowed. There are exceptions, but then firefighters must be present, the passengers have to be informed and the crew has to be at certain spots. All this is a big effort, so it is only done when time is extremely limited.

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As a B737 pilot in Germany I can probably give a little insight into this topic. As many of you already said, regulations in most countries allow refueling with passengers onboard, however many airlines try to avoid it for good reasons unless it is inevitable in case of big delays etc. Depending on the country, a fire fighting truck needs to be present either directly at the aircraft or must at least be informed before fueling starts. Furthermore cabin crew need to remain at their assigned positions and can therefor not assist passengers during boarding. Also the emergency exits must be kept clear on the outside to ensure that the slides can inflate normally, so no other services like i.e. catering can take place during that time and there are many other things that need to be taken care of. I like the idea of reducing the turnaround times ingame and I made a proposal for that myself already, however I think that there is enough and more obvious potential in different aspects of the current turnaround how that can be achieved.


Here in Brazil we do nothing with the firefighters and the aircrafts are refueled during the boarding process to improve the turnaround time. Just like @JeremyK said, we ask to passangers not fasten their seat belts. And 2 main doors (the first and the last) on the left side of the fuselage need to be unobstructed in case that something goes wrong and a quick deboarding is needed. The last door can stay closed, but with the stair away, for the scape slide do their job.