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Hi! I need the community knowledge to find more games like this (construction/management). I would love to play a game just like this but with a train station or a port instead of an airport.
Any suggestions?
Please avoid to suggest “Train Station Simulator” which already played and didn’t like it or “Port Simulator Hamburg 2012” which is impossible to find (and doesn’t look so great tbh).
Thank you very much!


Ever tried OpenTTD? you can build huge maps with all kind of transit systems; in this map cities grow/expand, and factories open/close, etc. so, when played on a higher diff level it is very interesting. Besides that there are public multiplayer servers too.

For me the ultimate planning tool / management game is Anno 1404. It is an old game but I still enjoy it a lot! Youtube had some games showing 120k people living in game, that I accomplished now. Another youtuber bettered it ofcourse with even more citizens, now considering building another map to try to match his record.

A very old planning / citybuilder is Ceasar III, I really like playing it; the open source attempt failed somewhere on the internets, but the oldy is still fun! even the campain. Now when I build big cities in open ended games I run out of actors in game :smiley: . Still fun building up the game into the 15k people though :smiley: .


Hi! Yes, I’ve played OpenTTD, and it’s great, but in that game you control a transport company, which means that you have to build roads/tracks and their respective stations/ports/airports, but you don’t control the station or the port. What I’m looking for is, basically, AirportCEO with trains or ships instead of planes.
Thank you anyway for your suggestions.


Atm I have the Facebook/Phonegame Trainstation from Pixel Federation; strangly addictive, maybe you like it too. You manage trainsets and get challenges. Not very heavy duty thinker, but fun to spend time in the metro :wink:


I play that one as well :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: