Remote Aircraft Not Departing once (partially) boarded

I’ve noticed that aircraft on remote stands won’t depart if not all pax have boarded. I have the option in Flight Planner set to “Depart Anyway” or something like that, so the aircraft using gates depart at the scheduled time regardless of if all pax have boarded or not, just not the case with remote stands.

For now, I just dismiss the aircraft manually, if I notice some pax have missed the bus, but in a large-ish airport with separate terminals, I don’t often see it until hours later, then the airline gets pissed with me and my rating drops.

I have not yet bug reported it yet, thought I would post about it here first. I see that this issue was brought up in May or so last year.


When you click on the boarding desk it higlights the missing passengers.
Are those moving or just staying around?

If they are standing still, maybe directly after the boarding desk on the way to the bus, it might be the same issue as at Staff not moving anymore because I do get this case as well.

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I’m having the same problem.

The plane arrives, passengers disembark, the bus picks them up and takes them to the Arrivals area.
The luggage trolley and the refueling trolley carry out their service normally, when the aircraft is ready to board passengers, they stay in the waiting room and the bus will not pick them up.

So the plane stays there and does not move and is delaying others.

Check if the bus arrives to board its passengers, or if it happens as in my case.

I’ll probably need a bug report on this! :slight_smile:

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Ok, will submit one later, currently on a build without remote stands, but will send a bug report once I pick it up again.

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Bug Report - ACE0-40485

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