Remote stand passengers left behind

In my remote stands all the passengers for a particular flight board and walk to the remote stand. 90-95% of them then get on and the bus leaves leaving a few behind (regardless of whether the flight is 20 or 100 pax). It even appears as if some get on the bus and then off again. (The ones on the bus make it safely onto the plane and the others just stay at the terminal).

Is this intended? I can’t figure out what I may be doing wrong. Has anyone experienced this?

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Know bug that is being addressed I think the last update was in Beta as the last editions involve a lot of pathfinding enhancements.

The remote stand bus bug will be fixed soon after that I think :slight_smile:

A few tips I have heard and work, add some extra auto gates and aim to keep the stop short walks from the route into the secure area or near shops/food. Reducing the walk time helps avoid this bug