Remote Stands- Realism Vote for it to be implameted :) [implemented]

Update from Apoapsis Studios

This feature request has now been implemented!

While this feature is now completed, future improvements and functionality may still be added over time.

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To make airport ceo more realistic and interesting, I believe many people would like to see the adition of remote stands that use stairs that connected to the aircraft and then passengers board busses at gates to be transported to the remote stand.

This will allow players to create larger airports as termanal size does not have to limit the amount of stands they can have (as currently you need to have the stand connected to the terminal).

The addition of remote stands would also perhaps allow medium or large sized aircraft to be stored overnight for flights the next day, allowing the player to earn revanue per hour just like the general aviation overnight parking.

The addition of remote stands would also allow the player to in the future perhaps recieve special flights like big cargo flights or millitary flights that do not need to be connected to the terminal.


I like this idea a lot.

I think there would need to be gates with boarding desks assigned in the terminal where the bus collects passengers. However returning passengers could all be taken to a single arrivals gate before going to baggage reclaim or immigration/passport control.

Example: East Midlands Airport (EMA) in UK works this way.

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Manchester Airport has around 50 stands on the terminal and over 30 remote stands to increase capacity.

THis is why airport ceo needs to have them to allow bigger airports that are not limited by terminal size.


That would be great. Having people walk al over the airport is not ideal, even for the small planes. Having a point where a specific bus is linked to a specific stand or set of stands would keep the runways clean, and allow stands, small and medium, to have passengers reach them. Most of the regional planes at OR Tambo in Johannesburg work that way.

You would not only need the stand, but also a way to connect the stand to a boarding desk. And that boarding desk might be connected to a place where the passengers get on a bus

Might want to merge your two together somehow?

The bording desk should be able to connect to multiple stands which will allow lots of stands passengers to congregate around one area and then be bussed to the aircraft after boarding at the desk, and when it arrived at the aircraft it would be nice to see an animation of where they leave the bus and climb up to the aircraft.


Very interesting idea. Would add more capacity to the airport. A lot of „low cost“ carriers (like Ryanair…) use remote stands. Perhaps to save up some fees?

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Perhaps to save up some fees?

Correct. Airports have higher fees for jetway stands than remote stands although some LCC airlines prefer jetway stands because of fast boarding and deboarding.

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So it would make sense, when adding remote stands, that we as the CEO getting less fees in comparison to jetways. Maybe this preference jetway/remote stand could be added to airlines, when we accept contracts.

I dont want to open a new feature voting, because this fits 100% to the suggestions of @caolan753 :slight_smile:


Aye low cost carriers at Manchester either board of on the remote stand or set the aircraft up on the remote stand and the take it to the air bridge and board, This reduces the cost to the airline as they spend minimum time on the stand.

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Remote stands are found most places. This is a great feature.

Great Idea.

I`m thinking of a kind of “bus stand”. like a small stand where one or up to 2 (4)? busses can stop. one (maybe large) desk is linked to that. and then all the remote stands are linked to that bus stand.

so you need to buy the stairs and the busses and get less fee, but you can service more planes on a smaller place. and you save desks and the desk agents.

I got just what we need :wink:

Good idea but more stands equals more people and this equals to fps drop and more lags. I have 22 medium stand 10 small stands and 8 GA stands and when my airport is full of people I’m getting performance issues. I cant imagine that I would have some 50 stands+.

Would it not be up to you if you used them or not? Any increase in capacity also encourages performance improvements to be prioritised as people build bigger airports

Will we be able to select preferred airlines to certain stands, ie low cost carriers to remote stands?

That hasn’t been mentioned by the devs and it’s not on the trello so I wouldn’t expect it.

There are also seperate threads if you would want that feature:

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You can always manually plan flights of certain airliners to those stands, but as @KingBirdy states it’s not in the standard remote stands feature set

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