Remote Stands with Joint Service Road


Feature request title:

Remote stands with joint service road


Currently every stand has its road and when I place s stand facing to each other there are 4 lanes of road in between them. It has to be 2 lane road. See picture below

Why it should be implemented:

Improve realism

Images, references or additional content:

GA spots (and remote stands in future) looking each other can use same service road?


Why stop there? Why not remove the road from the stand? This would allow us to place the road on the side as well


Fredrik said that such a change would break the old saves. Maybe brand new stand models can be created instead of replacing. AND for future, old stands would be disabled on construction menu.


It doesnt have to. either some code to convert the old into the new on load or a small sqve altering program.
It’s alpha and the number of save breaking changes has been extremely low. It shouldbt be done on a whim, but we shouldnt shy away from it either.

And if new stands are needed, they might as well look at the stand sizes topic :wink:

But simply adding the new stand type would be good :slight_smile:


I don’t care if an old save would break. if an idea would improve game pay, that should be more important. We all should find better game play more important than save games. :wink:

Apologies for the late reply, just jumped into the game.


Meanwhile I remember Olof telling us sometimes, that we should keep in mind that old savegames could be a cause for bugs we report. That’s like telling us to start new games anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: