Remote stands?


Are remote stands finished?
I am asking cause I don’t know if I should report it or is it in development.
Stands itself work fine, but even having them close to the airport usually it takes ages to service them.
For example only one rampart agent is servicing them, buses wait ages for passengers etc.
I have a surplus of workers, only 4 remote stands but can’t get the hang of their “proper flow”- they are always about 2 hours late.
(Everything is properly connected since they service their flights, but it takes longer then it should)


Welcome to the forums. Most of the bugs should. be worked out by now though there will always be specific setups that produce unpredicted results.

Can you share an image or your airport with zones enabled that would help immensely.

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I have a another bug.
Its a when plane is finished all services but for 1 sec its saying we want delay and start taxing.


Surplus of workers does not directly mean that everything will flow correctly, you also have to take into account shifts, previous job tasks, distance from duty, etc.

My suggestion is to start monitoring from the beginning the process regarding a remote stand, and look for the staff assigned (i.e. where are the ramp agents that will service that flight? What were their previuos tasks? If only 1 agent is going to stand, what are other ramp agents doing?)



Welcome to ACEO forums, Michal.
Remote stands are already a fully implemented feature of the game, if setup correctly they work just fine.
Like Rubble said, a screenshot of the remote bus stop and its surroundings would help, turn on zones by pressing “z” key (screenshot key is F12). :face_with_monocle:

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All marked in red stands should begin bording. I have over 100 airport staff and usually about 50 jobs are claimed. Airport is big but I am looking for a way to debug this situation cause I wanted to open more remote stands- unfortunately if they are always delayed it’s hard to run an efficient airport :wink:

update1. Since that screen I’ve build a second staff room and hired more people but still flight are delayed :confused:


I think I found the cause- I get a pretty big buildup in the main terminal. If I reset passenger nodes everybody goes where he should but If I don’t , they tend to linger in the main terminal despite having flights.


I’d suggest for ramp agents, more stops would be beneficial. Probably same for Pax too. In theory, a one to one ratio for each, but you can juggle those numbers. I know when I try and get away with a couple of RA pickups for a four stands I see the same kind of issues as well.

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I can’t see any issues with your remote bus stops, they are set up correctly and the close distance to the remote stands excludes them from being the reason for the delay. :heavy_check_mark:

This speaks volumes about the source of the problem. If I get it right, your remote flights are on schedule as long as you manually reset passenger nodes? In this case, I would tend to call this a problem the devs have to take a closer look at. :face_with_monocle:
As a short-term solution you can try to build the check-in desks for the remote stands closer to the remote shuttle stops. But I’m not sure if that helps. At my airport the check-in is always close to where the passengers have to go and my remote flights work well, but on the other hand I use many small stands and therefore don’t have such a big volume of passengers to handle.


I’ll investigate further but definitely for expanding purpouse we should have some kind of better indication how much staff a player should hire so it would be efficient. Sure You can count that number and multiply by shifts but that’s not how it should work.
Also some kind of indication what is happening would be nice- I have a tone of passengers in the waiting area indicating that they are tired but I don’t know what they waiting for or where they are going.

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