Rethink Where Vehicles Park


Would it be feasible (for future stand designs) to assign vehicles to specific stands, and they also park at that stand versus the vehicle depots? Or maybe some vehicles? In my experience, I’ve seen the service trucks, belt loaders, and pushback trucks at airplane stands all the time, not coming from a further point at the airport. Refuel makes sense to keep in a depot. Would cut down on time waiting for vehicles to arrive for departures. If current stand sizes aren’t feasible, maybe expand them a block or two left/right, and it could be a 3rd & 4th stand options.


Assigning vehicles to stands is already in the works. It’s listed on the trello board.?


Assigning vehicles to stands is already in the works. It’s listed on the trello board.?

That’s right.


@Stu & @EG0611 wasn’t sure if that meant the vehicles will still live in the depots still but be assigned to specific stands. My idea is to eliminate the depot to save time, having the vehicles constantly at the stand, and if that is what is meant by the Trello board, then Yay!


The trello board is where the devs have their progress and their is a link! No vehicles won’t park when not needed on stands but you will be able to asign them to stands that they will work on! You can already link them to depos! Vehicles in real life don’t remain on stands when not in use


Or the stands could be upgraded to have parking stands on them, and if the stands have not been upgraded, then we would not be able to assign a vehicle to that stand!!!


I would keep the depot in case there are no stands opened.

I think that the developers will think of a way to park the vehicles in the stands if their aim is to have a more realistic turnaround. There’s definitely a few things to improve, it’s very weird (and a bit annoying) to see that the aircraft is completely ready and it has to wait 20-30 game minutes for the pushback truck to arrive.

All vehicles, except the fuel truck should be already at the stand waiting, they should be assigned to that stand and stay there until the last flight of the day. Maybe go back in case there is a gap of more than 6 hours, in this case they can go back to the depot and have them coming back 1 hour before the landing.

Another idea could be to have a slider to decide how earlier do we want vehicles and staff to be at the stand, but that’s probably jumping too far, let’s implement something simpler first.