Roadmap for 2019

Now that we have the imminent release of turnaround services along with multiple floors the game has seen some pretty big developments.

I know that Larger aircraft and stands are coming but it would be great to understand the next phase of ACEO from the developers. The forums are brimming with great quality ideas and feature suggestions and I’d really like to know what is coming next.

Since buying the game the addition of in game items has somewhat slowed but this is acceptable due to the great strides thats been made in performance, soundtrack and some big feature developments (turnaround, multi-floor, tutorial, soundtrack etc).

IMO now is the best time for quick wins, little tweaks to the game that we all crave eg. (ability to turn off night flights, implement one way doors, improvements to procurement and an overhaul of the financial side of ACEO as we all know the running costs/income hasn’t really been given much realism of late)

I think the biggest thing for me is @Jettuh has proven he designs some fantastic items and I’d like more terminal furniture to be pushed into the game (better info screens, checkin kiosks, vending machines, more plants and decoration items etc.)

The game has come a great way in twelve months already and the future is pretty exciting. Feature Voting will be upon us again soon but I think there is still a lot of quick wins that can be pushed in.


I’m sure Olof or Fredrik will provide some more information on the next steps soon.

Olof did mention:

What the game needs after these two new updates is coherence through a gameplay mechanics update, along with more content that bring new added gameplay value. Adding more simulation details or moving even closer to aspects of realism is simply something we will not do. Now it’s time to connect the various dots of ACEO, and bring in large aircraft! :slight_smile:

So new stuff that will enhance gameplay will definitely be added soon :slight_smile:
Like Vending Machines


I will also add that the airline companies themselves are having a bit of a look at too in preparation for the larger planes to be introduced.


You forgot your ™


All good points! We’ll make sure to address the future ahead properly in the next dev blog! :slight_smile:


Sorry, I just don’t know it anymore, but when is the next devblog again?

should be next monday, in sweden time™


Friday or later next week depending on what we make of this week, does take a lot of time to write them too and we need to sort out the planning and strategy ahead fully before presenting it to you. So we’ll see, but hopefully not too far away as we want to let you in on our thoughts for what’s to come ahead.

Next week :partying_face: