Rogue livery on Wildcat Air E190

Just had my first Wildcat Air E190 visit, but I think they got the wrong livery on it. Goose Wings?

Reported ACEO-28536


It seems that the Wildcat E190 is taking random liveries. Here’s one in Tulip Airlines paint…

…and one camouflaged as SkyFly…

Are these new or old contracts since before Alpha 35?

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I’ve had Jumper on Skyfly from a brand new game.

Brand new game yesterday. Started under A35-5.1

I’ll ask @Fredrik to have a look.


It seemed as though the three above were the disguises that the Wildcat E190 was using, but here’s a late entry…

When the correct livery can’t be found it takes random every available E190 it can find. If you have mods active, even those could appear.

Still happening. New game under A35.5-3. No mods loaded in game.

This will be fixed in Alpha 35.5-4, released later this week on the experimental branch.


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