Roof Tiles

Roof Tiles


Some kind of covering that we can place on the existing roof to give it a bit more decoration. It would probably work like the flooring tiles do currently, just on the roof. There could even be special designs such as the Tom Bradley Terminal or one like Madrid.

(Honestly, these ventilation shafts are really ugly)

Why it should be implemented:

Currently, the architecture is really bad (I’ve never even seen an airport without some kind of roof) and these roof tiles could add a lot more creativity to the game.


Considering that decoration/aesthetics are supposed to affect airport rating properly from Alpha 34, you could add roof decoration to the list of things that improve that rating

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I was really wanting this the other day. as I was designing my next airport… Could really make the above view of the airport POP and look amazing!

I agree. It would be better if the ventilation shafts would be actually connected to each other so it would form a whole complex shaft system.