Roving airport vehicles

Before the big bird update, if I assigned a vehicle to a stand it would stay there and serve that stand. Now they all go wondering off round all the airport roads causing traffic jams/ bottle necks etc. Eventually some of them return to the stand to do there jobs but some don’t, they go skulking off and hide in the depots. This not only causes chaos on the roads but leads to late take offs and sometimes no take offs.
Has anyone else had this problem and if so what have you been able to do about it.

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I’ve seen this behaviour only with large stands and there it was only the pushback truck driving around the airside, but they always went back to do their job tasks. So I didn’t bother at all

Have the same behavior with shuttlebusses, they made “airport tours for free” around the whole airport with passengers on board! They are from small remote stands. On both, default and experimental. Bugreport have done.