Runway Aircraft

I want my Small aircraft to land and take off from the medium runway, but they don’t. Is there a way to do/ fix this?

Yes. Click the runway, and then toggle everything you want

There is option if you click on runway. There is a toggle switch to allow or prevent each of the 3 aircraft sizes. Also a function to limit GA vs commercial. You can also set if the smaller aircraft take off from further down the runway or not.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I have set the aircraft, but no small ones are landing at all.

A screenshot would be helpful. Also are the small planes GA or commercial?

Just commercial

This is a bug. I can confirm. If you have a small runway open and a medium runway open, only the small planes will arrive/depart on the small runway.

Fixed it, had to delete the small ones and force them to land on the mediums

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