Runway and Taxiway signs


This is not a high priority now. But later we need to have the options to add all proper signs on runways and taxiways. Currently we have only holding area (Runway Ahead).


The thing to ask is, how much game-play value would it add to the game? It would be a nice addition, but there wouldn’t be of any use during the game, would there?


These are nice details that would add to the realism of the game :slight_smile: you are correct that it’s a lower priority, but who knows ? :slight_smile: keep those ideas coming


I think proper signs and signals are important for the game. Taxiway path finding can benefit from this. Giving a piece of taxiway a letter does make blocks. So a plane can continue taxi on taxiway Y direction right that is clear.

With function:

  • Give a taxiway a letter so blocks can be made
  • Priority taxi routes. (Those planes on it will have priority above other planes)
  • Basic taxi holding point (ending/starting a block)
  • Runway holding point (ending/starting a block)
  • ILS holding point for bad weather maybe later in game?

Some decorative details:

  • Location signs
  • Direction signs

The situation for ground control can change every second on a (big) airport. Path finding in game should regularly check if path is still valid for planes and maybe service vehicles. I think for staff and passengers (>10.000) this will take to much computing power and have separated path finding. I’m not sure how this is build-up now?


I agree with this to the point… first of all we need to have control of the taxiways because if for instance i want to route all my outgoing traffic to the L1 runway and all traffic from incoming R1 runway on same side of the airport, there has to be some order in how planes go… who has priority, which way they move in circular pathing, who has right of way and when… all this can be achieved with signs that you say are decorative, but in reality they can be switches… like what we currently have on conveyor system.


My company is currently working on a web-2-print solution for airfield guidance signs and other airside signs ( If the developers are interested we could extend our API so players could import standards compliant signs from Wingframe into the game.