Runway as a capacity limitator



so I was thinking about runway configurations for another game, and that made me wonder.

Runways obviously have a capacity limit simply based on the required seperation of aircrafts. now, there are several ways of influencing the capacity of a runway. I am wondering, if it is planned to simulate one or all of the following effects and how they further limit runway capacity:

  • runway orientation relative to main wind direction(s)
  • short term weather influences like snow, low visibility, etc.
  • runway maintenance (clearing of snow (requires equipment), FOD checks (requires marshaller), actual construction to maintain the surface integrity (not a regular event), etc.)
  • spacing between individual runways (parallel dependant, parallel independant, segregated runway operation, etc.)
  • crossing rwys and their pros and cons (both strategicly (two main wind directions ?) and tactically (if one for dep and one for arrival, capacity can be increased)
  • installation of landing systems (starting with PAPI and co, and ending with ILS, VOR/DME, VOR, NDB, etc. and their corresponding CAT ratings)

while the CEO has nothing to do with how ATC utilizes the available runway(s), strategic decisions must be made to give ATC the means to handle the traffic. will it make any difference (other than pure taxi times) where I place runways and in what direction?


i think that there going to do most of these things in the future


Most of these things are in the pipeline (I think)