Runway Maintenance and Aeroplane Maintenance


Reading various opinions and combining them with my own I have created a great feature to implement about the topic of Maintenance.

Firstly runway maintenance.
Currently you just click repair runway or cue auto repair which isn’t really realistic. Runway repairs should take a time slot in the aeroplane scheduler of a certain time to repair the runway. This would affect your airport in a way that it makes the game more strategic planning good times whether a short time of 1 hour everyday to repair the runway or a long repair of 3-5 hours once in the week. To repair the runway a new staff called maintenance crew would be required. The more hired and the higher the skill the more the runway is repaired in a shorter time.

Secondly maintaining aeroplanes for airlines
Contracts should be offered for the airport to care and maintain aeroplanes. These would require a building of either small or medium aeroplane hangars with runway and service road connection. It would also require high level maintenance personnel. The contract would outline the certain level of worker required to maintain their aircraft. Smaller repairs can be made at the gate if required. General Aviation would also be able to pay the airport for maintenance. The maintenance hangars would be assigned to either airlines or General Aviation. (Credit to this work at @ncg75) (Click this link Maintenance Operations)

Plus shout out to @Puma he’s just a legend and got some really good ideas.

When the next voting round arrives we need to vote this in. It is a great addition to the game.

Aircraft repainting
Scheduling Runway Maintenance
Runway Repairs

And an option to automate the repairs


There are automated repairs already. Hire one of the executive staffs, can’t memorize which one though, and he will care for repairs. Check the executive board to find out which one you need to hire.


Yes, I see but it does not automate runway and stand repairs


Sure it does. I never repair them, and they are still working. It just waits for runways and stands to get a low percentage until repairing is done.


Really? how low because mine was under 30% but did not see anything happen


It’s the COO and AFAIK automated repairs are done under 10%:


Air plane maintenance, repair and respray sounds amazing, and would be good bit of extra traffic in the airport love this idea.
With runway repair, how would you plan 3 - 5 hours of closed runway if there are flights booked up or does it do auto repair when its too damaged to take more flights and all flights delay or cancel?
Or do they auto repair the runway throughout the day between flights should be an option then less hasstle but costs way more


Does condition of the stand have an effect on the function? I do notice that problems seem to start to happen around 40%


I like the idea of having an AMO, can offer services to GA and commercial aircraft.