Runway slots



First off, I absolutely love airport ceo, it’s been something I’ve wanted for a very long time since the days of Airport Inc.

Something I would like to see in the game would be something Taken from airport inc, where rather than assigning aircraft to gates/stands we can assign then to ‘runway slots’ and the aircraft uses a gate or stand that is free or available.

This will reduce the amount of aircraft queuing at a runway and will allow flight to land instead of being delayed when the stand is occupied by a late running flight.

I would be nice to be assign airlines to specific gates also.

Just an idea.


I personally think that assigning flights to a gate makes more sense and is more realistic too. A runway assignment may for example depend on wind, policies, …

The airlines to specific gates would indeed be something nice and has already been suggested in the past.


yea, but i would be nice to be able to have a few gates just for planes who are landing after a late plane. :slight_smile:


It would be cool If you could choose between assigning flights to gates or runways.


Assigning to runways could cause tons of issues with flight scheduling. If the ratio for runways/gates is off, you could have planes on the ground with no where to go, and more planes scheduled to land, or free gates with no openings to schedule more flights on the runway.

Additionally, this behavior would be unrealistic, as flights IRL are scheduled to a specific gate. If that gate is still occupied, or otherwise unavailable, airlines can re-assign the aircraft to a free gate, or have it wait for the departing flight to clear the gate.

I think a better way of handling the issue of delayed flights in game would be the option to have specific gates assigned to handle flights whose assigned gate is still occupied at the time of arrival, or automatically re-assign the flight to any valid gate that has a large enough gap between flights to handle it.


When a flight lands and the gate is still occupied, you could get a message like “flight XXX has landed but gate XX is still ocupied. Would you like to divert the pklane to gate XX instead?” The you have the option to choose if the other gate should be used. Maybe you don’t want to use it for thef first aircraft cause the aricrafta at the gate is just 20 min late but the next aircraft to depart is 50 min late. Then u wouldnt occupy that extra gate unneccecaraly.