Runway toggle for taxiing allowed/not allowed

What I mean is I have a runway crossing setup but my planes aren’t using it as intended. Instead they enter the runway, roll down the runway to the takeoff spot and take off. Would be nice to see it implemented where planes can’t taxi on the runway ever or have a toggle in the runway menu to set it that way.

You can set runway ramps as one way or two ways. Would that solve your problem?

Alternatively if the issue is that they’re moving forward to a takeoff position on that same runway (small planes on medium runways, small and medium planes on large runways) you can solve the issue by going into the menu for that runway and change the takeoff mode toggle to ‘common takeoff position’

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Negative, it was about 1/3 of the way down the runway in the direction of takeoff and nothing I did would make them cross the runway to enter from the other side. Still seeing it with a crossing about halfway up the runway on a small runway.

No the issue is they are moving in the opposite direction of landing/takeoff to reach the takeoff spot on the runway.

Here’s a screenshot of my current runway, the only way they do not use the runway as a taxiway when I set it so it can be used as a crossing is when they need to use the de-icing pad on the opposite side from the bulk of activity.

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Here’s a screenshot of a plane doing exactly what I don’t want it to be doing. It entered the runway on the crossing entrance, then turned down the runway against the flight direction of the runway to reach the takeoff spot. What I want it to do is either skip the cross or completely cross the runway before heading for an entrance.

Planes will (I think) try to avoid de-ice pads if they don’t need them. So the only way to ‘solve’ the situation in any way for now would probably to turn both the entrances on the crossing into exit only. In order for that to work though planes might need a way of getting across the runway elsewhere (runway entrances/taxiways on the right seems like a logical place).

Then again do planes have to be able to get from one side of the runway to the other once they’re on the ground with your current setup?

Certainly something for the devs to look at though.

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Yeah I cobbled together a solution, but this sort of feature of not allowing planes to taxi on the runway unless taking off or landing is needed in my opinion.