Runway U-turn


Indeed, but then it should also be better regulated by the ATC than what you show in the U-Turn test video :slight_smile:

Well maybe with the new taxi behaviour it has improved, did you test it again in the latest version?


No, it won’t work. Because game code doesn’t recognize it as Runway U-Turn but instead a continuous taxiway on a runway.

No matter what you try; you either see an airplane do 180 on runway (instead of using U-Turn path) OR you see 2 airplanes on runway with 1 under control of Ground and other under control of Tower so game actually doesn’t recognize that there are 2 airplanes on the same runway :scream:


Hmmm, ok… .We don’t want a Tenerife simulation in ACEO… So both systems must then be aware.


maybe this can be an automatic feature, like if the taxy way is more the 5 square away the pad will automatically appear for give space to the u-turn, and can be upgraded from a simple zone for manuvering to a pad with an holding point where a plane can wait the twr clerance.


161B I would like to see backtracks coming to ACEO, because if the end of the runway isn’t directly to the rest of the taxiways connected the airplanes taxi to the end of the runway and do an 180°. Although this looks very funny it’s not very realistic.with a backtrack, they taxi on a extra bit of taciway ant then make a sharp turn onto the runway. Comment down bellow what you think about this idea.


100% agree and 100% agree that it should be added. :smiley:


Yes, it would be a great feature. I’ve thought of a way we could do it, but still haven’t tried, will do when I have time.