Russian Aircraft

Can we get some Russian/Chinese aircraft? They look really cool, and would be fun to mod. Here are some good examples:



And my personal favorite, the AN-74:


Ya antonov aircraft are very… interesting

The Russian aircraft will be amazing when cargo is rolled out!

Yes 100% for cargo we need dat an-225

I agree. Otherwise, we would exclude a whole part of the world where those are flying.

varietas delectat - like the Romans say.

Thing is, most of Russian and Chinese planes are in development, but not in commercial service. Like Chinese C919 or Russian MC-21. On the other hand, there are a lot of plane which I think are too old for the game right now, but would be great for historical mode, but that I would leave for the future. The only viable option at the moment I think is the SSJ-100.

And there are no suitable GA planes from Russia?

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GA is a nice playground for all countries I think, there are deffinetly some Russian planes in that category. YAK-52 is one I really like.

Big yes for MC-21 and SSJ-100 from me!!!

Expecting An-225 Mriya in the far future… :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Wait is it 225 or 224?

It’s An-124 or An-225: