Scheduling Flights Over the Midnight Hour


Hello. I have started to experiment with myself actually scheduling flights versus the auto scheduler. I cannot recall, but I thought the auto scheduler allows flights to land, say at 23:00, and leave at 3:00 meaning their service round is in two days. However, when I try to schedule something similar, I cannot, and I assume it is because the flight cannot be placed halfway off the scheduling grid with the other portion of the flight going into the next day? I hope this makes sense.


That is true, i use the auto scheduler and it does like you say.


@Olof is this known/supposed to act this way?


Afraid at this time manual planning of flights over midnight is not possible, however Auto can. I find it frustrating too.


As of now auto schedule is in my mind finding the gap u set for the distance/time between each flight and then finding the right time for the separation and then plans that flight there but as I see that the auto scheduled the flight and that was the only slot able to be put down and that would be the reason it would happen in my mind


Surely this should not be too difficult to implement?


I think so too. There was a rumour a while ago the whole flight planner was getting a complete overhaul. I don’t know if that’s still the case. But flight scheduling and more options would increase game play and management situations.


Yeah, should be an easy fix this @Fredrik?


sounds good to me!

Auto-scheduler should be dependent on the amount of runways you have: 1 runway shouldn’t mean 24 airplanes can try to land all at exactly 5 in the morning :smiley:


I wrote an idea about scheduler logic to take heed of runway availibility :slight_smile: As you say, only one aircraft can ocupy the runway at any given time so to schedule mere then one flight at a given time on a single runway is a waste


But if u think about how real airports do it that would be deadly as wake turbalence takes effect for the distance between the airplanes so they won’t get damaged or crash but that idea isn’t primarily realistic


Oh, runway dependence in auto-planner would be awesome.

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