Season 3 is live + Fresh Save on The R&D Update, continuing on the Terminals Update


Please check out my let’s pay series of you want. Playlist is here done sofar 22 episodes and more is coming. Still haven’t enabled baggage (: But managed to fail quite bad nonetheless xD

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I have youtube channel too but last 3 gaming vids no one wached…
And good luck to your youtube channel.:upside_down_face:

Was a long time ago, that I tried Extreme mode. Very nice video’s, lets see how it currently goes.

This is day 3, year 1; 5 public stands build by the start amount, and then terminal / 4 commercial stands with first loan; 3 star loan just was offered; 1.300.000.

First Medium gate added.

Medium loan added 720k; extended to 3 medium stands

First time I refinanced my 3 star loan; lets add Fuel Services to gain acces to 2 star flights.

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Running day 3, year 4.

Refinanced a lot of times; now on my last 2 star loan and crossed the break even line. So I am getting into the green.

Invested a lot in optimizing my airport, and brought down the auto-planner to 60 min. I could have done the loans faster, but i like to build, not watch and see it run amok.

For now I can run it without delays.

And I am loan free :slight_smile: - Day 5, year 4.

New video out finally, but it’s a different type of video check it out:

Very nice setup in that video; build service-roads in 1 go next time :wink:

Why have the slot distance timer on 15min with this much stands? You create a bottleneck on your runways, taxi-lanes and a strain on your staff call timers. Set it on 120 min and have a smoother experience with decent turnaround “room” in your schedule.

Yeah the service road where build in one go first :wink: but had to redo them.

I don’t remember if the audio is there for the auto scheduler is there first but I have never used it before so set it wrong later changed to 45min.

Yup concept is nice. Will probably redo the video but on a smaller and different scale! :slight_smile:

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Watching episode 10 currently and I like what I see.
I just have one question since EP9: Why did you build stands and have them closed all the time? With GA accepted there you could speed things up a bit without the need of expansion. Otherwise, your lower 5 small stands do nothing but generate costs. You are doing well with the 5 CA stands, but why not use all potential?

Just wondering.


This is ages since I recorded it. But I think it’s for several reasons. One being to keep the runway a little less busy to not have delays, another being the irritation of having to time it to disable GA when you only want to do commercial. And a third being to make sure to don’t open everything at one board and then having issues due to understaffed and similar.

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Thank you. Now I understand this a bit better.

And have done another showcase video on the baggage handling system. Check it out right here:

So we’re live with season 2, hopefully doing it all a bit better :wink:

Link to the Airport CEO Season 2 Let’s play series:

And also we have just this weekend uploaded our first episode in what might be a long and wonderfull let’s play series aswell. And that is the Airline Tycoon Deluxe Let’s Play series:

Airport Tycoon Deluxe was awesome, but so very very bugged!

Airline Tycoon <3
Loved that game!!


Yeah so fckin great game back in the days, and still plays pretty darn good. Woaha that graphic, would be awesome to just have modern assets in that game nothing more nothing less.

Jasperwillem what was bugged? Don’t remember it being that, or noticed that now.

Really, is there a place to acquire it nowadays? Maybe I should try it.


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Yup exactly, If I could I would have tipped you all when it was on sale a few weekends ago when I picked it up for 1.5 € ! :smiley:

It (Airline Tycoon Deluxe) is also available on iOS. And they did a good job in making it touchscreen ready! I love to play it while waiting for boarding at an airport :slight_smile:

Got the first video out covering the new Big Bird update.