Seasonal decoration plans

Feature request title:

Seasonal Decoration Plans


Add plans for decorations that are triggered to be built on the first day of a season with a holiday, for example Christmas.

Why it should be implemented:

While we do have decorations for holidays like Christmas, it is a pain to put them up and take them down all the time if you want to make your airport get festive during the winter but dont want it to look funky for the rest of the in game year.
I think it would be a cool thing to add that would let people get a bit more creative as well. It would serve as a way to kill some time once you have done everything you want to do for the moment too.

(i apologize if this is a duplicate or something already planned. The trello never loads for me for some reason, and i didn’t see any duplicates of this idea in the feature voting after scrolling down through it for around 15 minutes.)

Cool idea, maybe something you place down, like say a 2x2 square, that normally won’t be anything and just be an empty square, but at Christmas time, a Christmas tree will pop up there. Also yeash, you scrolled through the suggestions for 15 minutes, that’s some dedication

Not sure how many players are still at the same savegame on Xmas, Chinese New Year, Eeastern, Halloween etc.
I think most will already work on a new airport then.

From what I understand it’s about game time and not real time, so decorations might be like in every 12th game day (and they could stay for 2 days, if not full season). People would be likely playing for multiple game years on the same airport.

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Ya that’s what I was thinking too

This is exactly what I’m meaning.
While i do like the IRL time based seasonal eastereggs, i think it would be fun to have your airport get a little festive every time it came to be Christmas in their world and not just ours. And trying to do it by yourself gets a little tedious when you try to manually do it.