Security check point

Is there any way to change, edit, or remove security check in connections? I have an aiport with two wings. One wing is set up with 6 medium stands, the other with 3 medium stands. I have 2 separate security zones set up, one for each stand boarding area. The problem I’m having is that PAX are checking in to the wrong security desk, going to the opposite wing and not being able to board their airplane. When I click on the security checkpoint it shows it connected to EVERY stand in my airport, not just the ones in the same secure zone. They used to be separated, but now they are not.

Also I tried just adding a walk path and secure zone link between the two terminal wings and it works, but flights are still routinely late waiting on PAX from the other side of the airport to board. Not acceptable.

Could you add a pic so we can can take a look? if you please