Security Connection missing bug?


Hey, Can you help me? Why does the stand don‘t have a Security Connection but the Other stand Works very well?


But there are flights but in my flight schedule i can‘t See the Stands.


Did you try saving under a new name and loading that savegame? If its still not working then it might be a zoning/connection issue… post more screenshots (in daytime please…) of airport layout and zoning


is the route between the stand and the security checkpoint all secure zone or has it gaps?


I think it’s most likely a zoning issue. Also, it might be a good idea to use walls to separate your secure zone and non-secure zone using walls.

Also, be sure to put a secure zone under the doors if you haven’t already done so.


Yes, i did.


Try zoning more of the area as a secure zone


I did it‘s all Secure Zone - and there are flights. But only the Automatic flight planner use the Stands, because i cant the the Stands


This doesnt work on free Space, which is Not used from me


Are you trying to say only the auto-flight planner can use those stands but you can’t see them in the flight planner?



Yeah, instead of a 1x1 stip, use a 5x5 strip


Yeah. You are right, thank you.


Is it working now?


I’ve recreated the circumstances of what you’ve built, and come to the conclusion you should make the sidewalk at least 2 tiles wide for a proper connection.


Just wondering; is the Wall-in-Door bug completely gone?