Security Issues

I have no problem when it comes to transportation and check-in. Usually transportation comes out to 38/38 or 130/130 for example. And then check-in usually the same 38/38 and 130/130. However, when we get to security I usually get 24/38 or 114/140. Which means the issue im having isn’t transportation or the check-in process, but with security. I have a good amount of security checkpoints so I don’t get why not every passenger is making it through, especially because the security line is usually empty before the plane’s usually arrive. Does anyone know why this issue might be occuring?

Can you provide a screenshot of your airport please


Hope this helps!

  • As you can see below in the flight monitor, it shows no issues with passengers getting to the airport or checking in, it only shows a problem with security, but I have 7 checkpoints and 8 gates and most passengers make it through very quickly, so i’m not sure why it is a security related issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Passengers are going through security as indicated on the flight monitor, what I can see through your screenshots is that you don’t have enough transit infrastructure such as bus stops, car stops, taxi stops and subways. So I would build more transit infrastructure and see if that makes any difference to passengers arriving at your airport. Hopefully, that is able to help you in solving this issue

The PAX are getting to the airport and checking in, so no problems with the transit structures. The screenshot of the flight monitor is taken eight minutes before the first flight is due to touch down, so there’s plenty of time for the PAX to get through security before boarding opens. If the security items are still yellow when the boarding opened for the flight, then there is an issue between check-in and security.

Is there an issue with cafe, shopping or toilets? Click on the boarding desk and all PAX associated with the flight on that boarding desk should be highlighted with a green circle round their feet - have a look all round the terminal and see where they are.

I’m not sure what the issue is, it could possibly be a bug I am not sure. I would submit a bug report using the in-game report bug tool so it can get looked at by the developers.

Same thing happened to me too. I have to close the airport so that the security will reset and I added more security checkpoint so that passengers would pass the security checkpoint faster.

Difficult to say, doesn’t look like the passengers are even attempting to pass the security checkpoints so I am suspecting some issue with the zone connections. Can you send a few screenshots with zones enabled? Also are you sure that the stands the flight are leaving from are connected to the security checkpoints in question (blue lines)?