Security Q


So, as of now, if i close a security checkpoint that still have people in cue, they will go out and then have to redo the hole thing, making them late for the flight, and thus delaying the flight.

Idea 1. Make it so when we hit the close button on the security checkpoint. No new people is allowed to enter the que.
The personell will stay, all people in cue will be allowed to go thru the security. Then it closes and they leave.

idea 2. Make a button to not accept more people in cue but still staying open. This can also be helpful if you want to micromanage where they go and cue. If you have several securities next to each other.


I think to achieve the effect you want you should really disable the “passengers” toggle button on who is allowed to use the queue. That way it remains open to allow the existing queue to finish, but no other passengers will enter the queue while it is depleting. Once cleared, closing it should be just fine.


Ooh, that’s smart :smiley: i did not think of that. Thanks :smiley:


Good idea! I especially like the first idea. I think there’s less need for the second. The first could be implemented in a way that if you click the close button twice, it closes the queue completely (like as it is now).


Yes please! Would be very usefull. It could come in handy at check-in desks aswell. When you want to remove a check-in desk you have to wait for the current connected flights to complete. If you miss the timeframe the check-in could already be occupied by another flight.