Segment-based Pricing


Currently, aircrafts consumables and pax handling (the pax themselves + the baggage) are charged around the same fee for every price. However, with the addition of international flights and multiple terminals, as well as the proposed revamp of the contract system (with the addition of negotiation), then perhaps it is time for ACEOs to be able to set differing fees based on certain segments.

What this means is:

  • Being able to set different pax/baggage handling fee on whether the flight is domestic or international
  • Being able to set different parking fee for stands with jetways, attached non-jetway stands, and remote stands.
  • Being able to set different bathroom fee and vending machine markup for different terminals

Why it should be implemented:

The ability to set different prices for different bits and bobs of the airport would give more distinctness in how ACEOs build their airport as well as better scaling the revenue of certain operations compared to the cost (e.g. jetways having an operational cost can now be justfied if airlines can be charged for it).

For a game that is supposed to be a tycoon game, I expect that some more economic features will be added/balanced during beta. I do feel like the financial aspect of the game current is a bit lacking at times.

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