Service road built with Stand......why?

As the topic says…why couldn’t the stand be a separate structure that needs a service road connection instead of being automatically built? Would eliminate needing to remove previously built service roads just to build a stand with a service road automatically connected. And would solve the issue of having 4 lanes of service roads because you put 2 stands back to back.


The possibilty of adding stands with or without roads would be nice


I gotta say that’a a cool idea. But unfortunalety since whole game is based on these stands I don’t think it is an easy thing to be done.

We should be able to plop things on top of similar items. Stands over service roads, scanners over belts, etc.


Otherwise there’s no place for the service road. Vehicles need a path to reach the stands. You see, the stands need to be connected to the terminal. And that’s why the service road sits there. It’s the only location for the road, as all other sides of the stand aren’t quite suitable for a practical airport design. Having no automaticly built service road, and therefore allowing us to put one down ourselves doesn’t make sense. There’s only one side to put it which makes sense anyways, so why not build it there already? And on top of that, we can’t build a path for people to get to their stand when there’s a service road in between. So stands can’t be connected to the terminal if there’s no way for people to cross that road.

I hope my explaination was good enough. Sorry if my basic English is confusing.

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Because you cant decide the color. It wouldnt be that hard to check if there is service road between the stand and the terminal.
And you can build crossings yourself, still allowing passage across the road.
Perhaps i want one way service road.

Dont give excuses why it cant. Give reasons why we should be able to :slight_smile:


myxtro, I understand your reasoning, but I don’t understand why the service road has to be the point of contact?? I like to have a “GA” section, if I don’t have fuel, why do they need a service road? if I do get them fuel, why can’t I just add that after? also when I build I like to plan for the futur, so why can’t I build a super long terminal , place only 2 or 3 stands, but build the rest of my service road infrastructur the rest of the way…then when I build more stands…why shouldn’t I be able to just plop them down without having to delete? Also why shouldn’t stands be grass…but the service road supporting them be cement?


Here are some example pictures of big airports which also have their service road in between the terminal and stand. I can’t find any large international airport which doesn’t use this system.


It’s not unusual for airports to have airfield service roads at ramp level with the gate level of the terminal extending over them. It allows you to place the fixed portion of the jet bridge whenever makes sense for the fleet mix it’s serving without having to worry about making that initial span.

But as terminals are only single level in this game right now it’s not the worst thing in the world. :slight_smile:

Well this has been hijacked by people who aren’t for progress or understanding my idea. I never sayed it had to go…i asked why the user couldn’t add that part themselves if they please. I’m going to assume you always build a terminal with stands connected… For fun…boot up the game…start a new airport…build 2 lines of stands connected with the taxiway on the outside…now try understanding why 4 lines of forced service roads is ridiculous…and at the same time imagine the fueling trucks driving through a muddy grass service road filed to the top after a storm. If you prefer to stick to the status quo…have fun. But i would like to offer crazy ideas to make this game amazing… P.s. pictures to come

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agree this would be good for those that like to have a fair amount of GA activity - those stands dont connect to the terminal and would be good to be able to have two facing each other with a single service road in between


Although there are major airports that use this system, I think that for the game it’s better (and easier to implement) to have them integrated to the stands. I mean, the service road has the point in which service vehicles enter the stand, where they stop, where they exit the stand… I wouldn’t like to put all those points, it is enough with the holding point for the runways.

Is it any different to the fuel or vehicle depots? Can’t imagine it would be and they don’t have integrated roads


… exits over walls, security checkpoints over walls, baggage bays over walls, service roads over walls, etc, etc.

I agree with both opinions :slight_smile:

For medium stands it’s perfect as it is now, I think it’s too complicated to split road and stand, there.

But for small stands it should be possible and made sense. As you already wrote, there’s no service road needed, sometimes.

Devs could create a ‘small stand without road’ and -probably needed- a ‘small stand connection service road’ as a fixed item with all the connecting points. So you could ‘upgrade’ your roadless small stand easily.

Why not medium stands? You could have non commercial medium flights. Or at least you should be able to :slight_smile:

True for medium stands, they have to be connected due to the aviobridges.
However, the small stands doesn’t have to be connected to a terminal, so there is no need for a build-in service road. It is easier offcourse. For the small stands you can place crosswalks for the passengers and staff to cross the road.

Because as it stands, GA is not available for medium stands.

And while on topic, if service roads are separated then how would separating the service road of medium stand work? As it stands, the main problem with separation of service road for medium stand is adding in jet bridge.

I’m not even talking about GA, but i did kind of imply that, yes, at this time there is nothing that would benefit from it.

Jet bridges should be separate objects that we purchase (procurement or as stand upgrade), and connect to the terminal. :slight_smile:


I agree with OP. There should be stands without a service road. This can be a separate structure. I would love to see that you need some kind of parking spaces for planes, when a gate is still occupied and the next plane is already landing.

This would make the game more exciting.

At the moment a plane doesn’t land when the gate isn’t free. However in rl they would land and get some kind of parking spot.

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